[arin-ppml] IPv6 Non-connected networks

Matthew Kaufman matthew at matthew.at
Fri Feb 5 16:22:26 EST 2010

Leo Vegoda wrote:
> On 5 Feb 2010, at 12:47, Matthew Kaufman wrote:
>> William Herrin wrote:
>>> On Fri, Feb 5, 2010 at 2:39 PM, William Herrin <bill at herrin.us> wrote:
>>>> Yeah, but the IETF set aside fc00::/7 for that purpose already and
>>>> only fd00::/8 is used for the so-called statistically unique
>>>> assignments. So we don't actually *have* to waste any new space to
>>>> make non-connected assignments from a distinct pool. At worst we'd
>>>> need a global policy to open fc00::/8 for assignment to the RIRs.
>>> Excuse me, the IANA at the request of the IETF set aside fc00::/7 for
>>> the purpose of addressing non-connected networks.
>> Perhaps one or more Regional Not-The-Internet Registries should apply to 
>> IANA to administer assignments within that space.
> As that /7 was registered following the publication of a Standards Track RFC (4193), we won't just be accepting applications without a suitable RFC telling us to do so.

Of course... but the ARIN PDP isn't how such an RFC would be produced.

But this all does suggest that no ARIN PDP is necessary at all, since 
ARIN shouldn't be in that business (yet) anyway.

If we're going to hand out space which must be marked in such a way that 
it can never be routed, it really should come from space for which IANA 
(and everyone else) agrees will never be routed, not just from a spare 
end of space on hand.

Matthew Kaufman

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