[arin-ppml] IPv6 Non-connected networks

George Bonser gbonser at seven.com
Fri Feb 5 16:10:12 EST 2010

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> > Excuse me, the IANA at the request of the IETF set aside fc00::/7
> > the purpose of addressing non-connected networks.
> >
> >

So what is really being looked at, then, is a registry for fc00::/7
space with the L bit set to 0, or in other words, defining the L bit per
section 3.2 of RFC4193 as "assigned by RIR or whomever" with chunks of
fd00::/8 being doled out by the various RIRs (or whomever) for networks
in their area.

> Perhaps one or more Regional Not-The-Internet Registries should apply
> to
> IANA to administer assignments within that space.

Would seem to me like a better idea than using globally unique space for
unconnected networks. It would require renumbering if you went
connected, though.  So does it boil down to wanting space that is not
connected so your unconnected address space nets doesn't count against
density requirements for connected space but allows you to connect it
without renumbering later?  And if so, how do you know when someone has
converted their "unconnected" net to "connected" by announcing the route
and that space should now count against requirements to justify space?

What is to prevent someone from requesting space for "unconnected"
networks in addition to "connected" for a total of more space than they
would otherwise be able to justify and then announcing the unconnected
space a week later?

I think "unconnected space" space should be just that and not
"temporarily unconnected space for right now".  But having pieces of it
doled out from a central authority would make it easier for two networks
that are not connected to the global internet to interconnect without
address space collision.

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