[arin-ppml] IPv6 Non-connected networks

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I am not sure about the ARIN experience with regards to 69/8 and 70/8, but in the APNIC region here we have had an extreme amount of pain over the last 10 years.

Your suggestion that bogon filters were cleaned up after a couple of months is ridiculous as we have little way of measuring how many of those un-maintained filter lists are out there until there is a connectivity complaint.  In essence, you have no idea how much this is hurting you until it actually does so.

In APNIC, ranges such as 125/8 particularly hurt some of my customers as massive organisations such as PayPal took a VERY long time to remove filter lists - a year or more after it was allocated to our region and then allocated to LIR's.  I recall this being a massive problem over a Christmas period for some ecommerce sites.

Ranged that have been in use for 3-4 years still have the occasional problem with filter lists and the support burden on trying to track these issues down is quite significant.


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> Can you give me an example of a piece of address space (IPv4 or IPv6)
> that ARIN has issued that turned out to not be routable on the DFZ?
> The only example I can see are some of the 69/8 and 70/8 (if I got
> those
> prefixes right), which many people had bogon filters for, and it took a
> few months for those filters to get completely removed.
> (Please ignore micro-allocations for IXs, which are often intended not
> to be routable, but often turn out to be easily routed)
> I understand covering-your-ass legalize in the document, but really,
> let's be pragmatic here.
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