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Actually it wasn't a policy mistake.  There had been a trial with subnets of
"class A"s.  They seemed to work but our network reached out to lots and
lots more destinations by the sheer volume of our customers.  So we had to
pretty much fix the problem at thousands of little end sites.  Also we had
no control over (and neither does ARIN) the filtering policies of large

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> >>>>> "packetgrrl" == packetgrrl  <cja at daydream.com> writes:
>    packetgrrl> Sure I can give you an example.  At one point the
>    packetgrrl> company I worked for received  It was not
>    packetgrrl> globally routable.  For some time, I would say close to
>    packetgrrl> a year, Sprint would only listen to advertisements for
> So, ARIN gave you a CIDR block when CIDR was still not yet "out there".
> It seems to me like this was a policy mistake --- a policy was rolled out
> before it the network was ready for it.
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