[arin-ppml] Drawing a distinction

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Thu Feb 4 08:39:30 EST 2010

>   ... my thinking is that ARIN needs to have all the 
> info. on the reallocation and in many cases, the information 
> available to the public is not as detailed as the info. which 
> is available to ARIN.

In the WHOIS policy that is under consideration, it would be
useful to add some language to the policy that draws a clear
distinction between information provided to ARIN for the 
purposes of publishing a WHOIS DIRECTORY and information
provided to ARIN HOSTMASTERS, most probably UNDER NDA, for

I believe that there is no need at present to change anything
regarding the information used by ARIN HOSTMASTERS but because,
historically, this information was part of the published 
information, I think that the new policy should draw a clear 
disctinction in the text, and then discuss things like the
purpose of the WHOIS directory, what information MAY be
published, what information MUST be published, and so on.
In other words, this policy proposal provides an opportunity
to clear up and clarify the policy around this issue so
that any discussions regarding information used by the 
hostmasters can be deferred to another time.

We may even discover a 3rd type of information to cover in the
policy, for instance researchers. It was after a discussion with
some people who had bonafide needs for research info that I came
up with this rationale for including an "organizational type".

i) The classification system for organization types has been
   left unspecified. Obviously, it needs to include "individual" as a
   but it could include NAICS sector codes, e.g. "NAICS 25" is the
   construction industry. It could also include NTEE codes for
   e.g. "NTEE H" is Medical research. And it could include some simple
   codes like "Company", "Non-Profit", "Education", "Government" for 
   users who don't know about the various classification systems.

I could see the use of collecting this info separately, not for
open publication, but for release to bonafide academic researchers
and for inclusion in various ARIN stats reporting. It is neither
whois info nor is it needed to assess an application.

--Michael Dillon

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