[arin-ppml] Petition Underway - Policy Proposal 95

Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
Wed Feb 3 11:29:45 EST 2010

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> >    In the end though, when I SWIP IP's to a customer they are now the
> >    proprietor of those IP's and I need to follow their instructions on
> >    how those IP's are registered.  If my customer requests that I be
> >    the tech or abuse contact and they are paying me money then I will
> >    happily do so.  If they want to be the contact then that is how it
> >    will be.
> This describes a customer who is READY and WILLING to act upon
> communications about network issues. It does not include ABLE, but
> in any case, I would not want to see the ISP making the determination
> whether their customer is ABLE or not. That should be done by ARIN,
> perhaps simply by testing the contact info every 6 months. If they
> respond, then assume that they are ABLE to act.

Wow.  Thinking how much that would cost or what sort of staff it would take..  To pull random meaningless numbers out of my {hat} if there were 12000 PoC's and it took two minutes to check each PoC that would be about 10 man weeks (400 man hours) of ARIN staff and long distance time for each pass if everything went perfectly.  

I suspect there are many more Poc's than that.  It's a nice idea but I don't see how it would be workable.

Personally I would not gripe too hard if there were a semi-annual refresh email with a 'click to verify' link that updated an entry in the PoC record.  Even that would add up to a lot of time invested by the community but not too bad individually.


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