[arin-ppml] Petition Underway - Policy Proposal 95:CustomerConfidentiality - Time Sensitive

George Bonser gbonser at seven.com
Tue Feb 2 22:21:01 EST 2010

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> 95:CustomerConfidentiality - Time Sensitive
> I can tell you from my experience the
> customer is not going to be nearly as responsive as I am to security
> or abuse complaints. 

Being responsive is a good thing.  But can you actually DO anything
about it? Again, I am mainly talking about someone who was SWIPed a /24
or better but doesn't even announce it to you anymore.  They might have
some colo space with you and maintain a relationship, but that specific
network is possibly in a different facility and the traffic possibly
doesn't even go through you.  You might answer your phone, but can you
actually do anything?  And the extent to which the user is responsive or
not might have different consequence depending on the reason I am trying
to contact them.  If they are losing traffic, it is their loss if they
aren't responsive.  If they are engaged in nefarious activity and aren't
responsive, I want to know what other blocks they have so I can monitor
those as well.  And I want to know who they are so when they move out of
your net into someone else's, I can follow where they go.

> I would much rather be able to put my contact
> information for abuse than the customers for multiple reasons. 

I have no problem with you putting your contact in for the abuse
contact.  That might be a great idea.  But when it comes to the
technical contact, I want the person with "enable" and "root" on their
stuff.  If that is you, then by all means put your name in the tech
contact, too.  

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