[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2010-3: Customer Confidentiality

lar at mwtcorp.net lar at mwtcorp.net
Tue Feb 2 18:56:53 EST 2010

> I do not think that ARIN is in the business of defending the secrecy of 
>customer lists.  Keeping your customers should be a matter of competitive 
>pricing and quality of service, not sequestering your customers in a closet 
>or keeping them in a walled garden.  Free enterprise is part and parcel of 
>doing business on the internet.

ARIN should not be in the business of telling every ISP how to run the 
operations of their business. Each has their own strategies and it's none of
any of our business what they are. Free enterprise means that everyone may
enter the marketplace and attempt to gather customers to them. Existing 
can use any lawful means to keep existing customers. You or I may not like
some of those practices but free means free.

There needs to be some overriding issue that outweighs all normal 
before a group like ARIN should impact the internal operations of the 
The scarcity of IPV4 was and is such a issue. That justifies ARIN requiring 
ISP's to
disclose enough information to determine that each is utilizing the scarce 
in a responsible manner. That does not in my opinion justify requiring 
making that
information public.As an ISP I am exposed to the public and must be 
that goes with the teritory, but if I assign  ip addresses for lawful use to 
law enforcement agency, or a battered women's home, or runaway children's 
(the list goes on and on) each has valid reasons why they don't want even 
names associated with the IP's they are using. Even an ongoing DOS attack
(which is highly unlikely) does not justify the risks associated with the 
people figuring out where that IP is at.

99.9% of the time it's no big deal but any policy that cannot easily deal
with the 0.1% exception is bad policy and should not exist. That
is my opinion of the current policy.

This proposal, while not going far enough, is at least a step in the right 

> Hiding community members from contact by prospective service offerings is 
>not included anywhere in the ARIN mission statement that I could see.

I don't seem to remember congress acting on the ARIN mission statement. It's
a private mission statement and not law. It should not be tortured into
having an opinion on each proposed policy.

The longer I am on this list the more I am beginning to feel that ARIN
is a growing bureaucracy that will become the enemy of ISP's and the
internet community as a whole.

Sometimes I think I'm watching an episode of "pinky and the brain" via 

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