[arin-ppml] Petition Underway - PolicyProposal95:CustomerConfidentiality - Time Sensitive

George Bonser gbonser at seven.com
Mon Feb 1 13:26:12 EST 2010

> You could also phone them and ask for this.
> > I also often need to know who the contact is for a specific
> > IP.  We might have a problem with someone's POP3 or IMAP
> > server.
> Now you have justified publishing some phone numbers and email
> addresses in WHOIS. Not names, addresses or anything else.

Provided I can use that phone number to get a list of all their SWIPs so
I can check to see if I have also been having trouble with connections
to servers that might be in other subnets, or if I have been blocking
connection attempts from their other subnets, then fine.

In other words, I need to know:

Who owns an IP address that I am having trouble with.
What other network assignments do they have so I can "fix" problems that
might be happening with the same operator in other network segments.

Just having a phone number is going to be a pain in the rear end.  Who
am I going to be talking to?  Is it someone with barely a clue who has
simply leased a handful of servers from some rental outfit in a colo?
Or is it a well established telecom?  With just a phone number, that is
going to be hard to tell.  My first question is going to be "who are
you"? Followed by "what other network assignments do you have so we can
fix this problem in a more global sense?".

WHOIS currently gives me this information.

What I do NOT need is the ability to "walk" through an upstream transit
provider's SWIPS to find them all out. But I DO need as much information
as I can get for a specific end user to include who they are, who their
contact is, and what other networks they have assigned to them.

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