[arin-ppml] Petition Underway - Policy Proposal95:CustomerConfidentiality - Time Sensitive

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Mon Feb 1 11:22:24 EST 2010

> I just haven't figured out how such a thing 
> would be implemented yet.

ARIN has. It's called a separate data store. The hostmasters
currently have access, under NDA, to lots of confidential
information that even their own supervisors have no right
to access. This is the way that it should be.

> SWIP information is VERY useful to me on a regular basis.  
> When I am white listing a partner's space, I can easily find 
> their network assignments or at least know how big a block 
> they have surrounding the specific IPs they have given me.  I 
> don't allocate space but discovering a partner's allocated 
> space is useful to me.  By "partner" I mean someone who we 
> are providing services for ... a customer.

You could also phone them and ask for this.

> I also often need to know who the contact is for a specific 
> IP.  We might have a problem with someone's POP3 or IMAP 
> server. 

Now you have justified publishing some phone numbers and email
addresses in WHOIS. Not names, addresses or anything else.

> What needs to be figured out is a way to give specific 
> information to specific requests but to deny casual perusal 
> of the database yet in a way that lends itself to automation 
> and does not cause undue additional work on the part of ARIN.

Don't record anything that will not be published in the whois
directory, and most especially, do not record any information
that does not have a defined and agreed upon public use.

--Michael Dillon

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