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Sun Feb 28 23:15:48 EST 2010

Those of you who have been following mormonism on the web
for many years will probably recognize The Radical Mormon
publication.  This was likely the first attempt to make
a web portal for latter-day saint people, and this pioneering
effort helped to inspire many other sites to do likewise.  
Radical set itself apart as a place where devout and sincere
LDS and mormons could intelligently discuss controversial
doctrines in a positive light, at a time when the anti-mormon
forces were very powerful on the web.  The publication has been
active off and on ever since that time.  If you are not
familiar with it, you might want to have a look at it.  This
site broke new ground at the time that it was started in 1999.


For those who are already familiar with The Radical Mormon,
you might be interested to know that the editors and 
contributors have recently started work on some historical
information regarding the publication, which provides many
links to related websites.  You can have an advance look, 
and see as it evolves.  


Some of you may even like to contribute something; help us
fix broken links, contribute a news item, editorial, or
personal story.  If you were a part of the activity that
spawned The Radical Mormon, you might like to submit your
link for inclusion on our contributors page.


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