[arin-ppml] PP#109 and 2010-3 discussions at the upcoming meeting

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Thu Feb 18 16:51:09 EST 2010

ARIN Community,

Policy Proposal 109 is under consideration as well as Draft Policy 2010-3.
 However, due to
timeline, proposal 109 will not make it to adoption discussion at the
Toronto meeting although
we will make time on the agenda for a presentation and some discussion of
proposal 109.
Draft Policy 2010-3 will be discussed at the Toronto meeting for possible

Since proposal 109 and draft policy 2010-3 relate to the same topic, but
contain very
different approaches to the issue, the AC feels it is important to call the
attention to the fact that they will be at different stages in the policy
process when we meet in Toronto.

Thank you,

Cathy Aronson
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