[arin-ppml] Petition Underway - Policy Proposal 95:Customer Confidentiality - Time Sensitive

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Bill H,

I usually try to avoid posting as I'm more interested in hearing the
opinions of the community, and having that feedback evolve my own
thoughts as to how the AC should be advising the Board. Your frustration
is noted, however and I will try and sum up a few thoughts without being
too redundant to the conversation. When it comes to swips and whois, I
think we keep trying to revise the how without ever coming to terms with
the what or why. Not that this is a bad thing. Sometimes one leads to
the other.

Who are we trying to contact with this directory and why? The primary
reason for a swip record is for a contact in the event of an issue. My
opinion is it should not need to be a contact of who's host is using the
IP. The contact should be one that can respond in a timely manner if
there is an issue with the host. That could be the end user or the
upstream ISP who made the assignment and is responsible for the
allocation it was given. The focus should be on who has the ability to
respond instead of the who it was assigned to.

I question the opinion that if you are using IP resources your
information should be listed. This leads to an inconsistency in the
approach as most of the end users are not listed. (DHCP, /30's,
residential, etc) Are we trying to use swips for abuse contacts, or are
we trying to mimic a phone directory? I don't think the latter is a
practical approach. 

Some have voiced the opinion of using swips as a means of reporting
utilization to ARIN. I think this use of swips had its day, but has
become outdated and unreliable. Each member organization is under RSA
with ARIN and there are any number of means to understand an allocations
utilization other than swips. The trick is what options an organization
would have available and how that would remain transparent to the

My opinion is that we should do away with prefix size requirements, the
focus on which end users should be listed, and with what data. I think
the focus of swips should be on who is able to effectively respond to an
issue. When it comes to reporting utilization, or responding to law
enforcement, these issues should be approached from completely new and
different means, and we should not try and force these solutions into a
system that was never designed to accommodate them.

My two cents.
Dan Alexander

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William Herrin wrote:
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Hi Bill:

I can't speak for any of the others, but I have only sat on the AC for a
grand total of 31 days now.  After being elected, I decided that I was
going observe for a little while before getting vocal.  I felt it was
prudent to do so.  I also found that while observing, Scott, Owen, and
David usually ask a lot of the questions that I would ask anyways.  I'm
not about to repeat those questions ad nauseum just to increase my "post

The fact that I have not been *posting* does not mean that I (or the
others for that matter) haven't spent a considerable amount of time
*reading* the emails of others that are sent to PPML.  By my count there
have been ~350 emails since January 31st alone, the reading of which
takes a considerable amount of time.  I also appreciate that there are
people like yourself that have spent the same amount of time reading and
participating as well.

To summarize, just because I'm not posting, does not mean I'm not doing
my job as an AC member.  I'm reading, gauging community
opinion/consensus, and taking that feedback into consideration when the
AC meets in order to create/advance good policy.

I look forward to meeting you and others of the community at the
upcoming PPM in Toronto (my home town).

Bill Sandiford

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