[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal 124: Clarification of Section

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Tue Dec 7 13:53:51 EST 2010

On 12/7/10 11:51 CST, Hannigan, Martin wrote:
> On 12/7/10 12:21 PM, "David Farmer"<farmer at umn.edu>  wrote:
>> On 12/2/10 13:02 CST, ARIN wrote:
>> ...
>>> The ARIN AC should review and determine what action if any should be
>>> taken at their next available opportunity, or sooner if they deem
>>> warranted.
>> Was the the third paragraph of the current policy intentionally remove?
>>    That paragraph was intended to allow transfers via section 8.3 to
>> continue to receive a 12 month supply and not restricted to 3 month like
>> allocations from the ARIN pool. I believe it is important to retain this.
> The proposal itself as published by ARIN said:
> Proposal type: Modify, complete replacement of
> [ clip ]
>> I'm not opposed to this policy, but I don't believe it is necessary to
>> change the policy in order to achieve the desired result, assuming the
>> only desired result is to grandfather those in queue with the 12 month
>> supply.  Do others on PPML support this interpretation of section
>>  Is this a reasonable course of action?

I did ask "If that is incorrect, would you please explain why you think 
it is a good idea to restrict these transfers to a 3 month supply, and 
that should be more prominent in the rationale."

Well then, I guess I do oppose the policy as written, at least until I 
receive a better rationale for why to restrict transfers to a 3 month 
supply is a good idea.  This issue was  discussed as part of 2009-8. 
So, I cannot support removing it without a clear and convincing 
rationale for why it should be removed.  Furthermore, I would be very 
skeptical removing it through the use of the emergency PDP, since it was 
relatively recently added through the normal PDP.

I'm not opposed to grandfathering those in the queue at the time of the 
change, and as I said I believe that can be accomplished without 
changing the policy and without the use of the emergency PDP.

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