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Bill Darte BillD at cait.wustl.edu
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I believe that this is a fine set of questions which should be answered and I think the timeframe is overdue.  It should have been accomplished after the first use of the emergency powers of the Board.  I understand from subsequent statements that they plan to be more deliberate next time....but whether there will be 'tests' as you say, I am not aware.

Personally thought, I think that at IANA run out, there will be time to consider all these measures and proposals.  John Curran, at an event last evening stated that he expects 6 mos. or more until ARIN run out.

I believe emergency constitutes...MUST do something NOW or else OBVIOUS and CERTAIN burdens will be sustained and that those burdens will be of SUBSTANTIAL magnitude without reasonable alternatives.

Perhaps that's an arguable start.


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I think that this whole discussion throws into sharp relief the absence of
implementation details around how to determine a legitimate emergency based
on the current text in 7.1 of the PDP. Perhaps the AC, board, PDP committee
and ARIN legal counsel should put their heads together on this ASAP and
bring out a draft recommendation for a  series of tests that can be used to
justify any emergency policy. These would be either questions that must be
answered, objective standards to define a problem, etc. 
Put it before the community for comment. Even if it's not formally added to
the PDP, or not added in time for this round of emergencies, it would really
help to have some of that rigor. Chances are quite good that every policy
recommendation that might be considered an emergency will be equally
polarizing within the community, and it would be helpful to not have to rely
solely on (charged, emotional) rhetoric on the part of those for and against
the issue to determine whether something is actually an emergency. "I'll
know it when I see it" isn't good enough in this case I don't think...

Put another way - AC members: assume that you have to make a recommendation
to the board tomorrow on these two emergency policies. I assume that this
would take the form of 2 votes: 
First, should prop X be treated as an emergency or deferred to the next PP
Follow-on, if the underlying issue prop X regards is an emergency, then
should prop X be implemented? 
What questions do you ask of the authors, of yourselves, of your fellow
members, and of the community to make your decision as to whether they're
emergencies? Note that I'm thinking in general terms here on how you would
answer question #1, using these policies as an example, not looking for
questions specific to should you/should you not implement.

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