[arin-ppml] Critical Infrastructure post run-out

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Fri Aug 20 16:07:58 EDT 2010

APNIC has been discussing prop-085: Eligibility for critical 
infrastructure assignments from the final /8, on their policy list in 
preparation for APNIC 30 next week.  The policy deals with some side 
effects of how APNIC's last /8 policy is implemented, ARIN doesn't have 
the same specific issue.


However, thinking about it, we do have the same general issue, what 
happens to Critical Infrastructure and Exchange Points after IANA and 
ARIN IPv4 run-out.

I read Owen's update for 2010-13, one way to go might to include 
Critical Infrastructure and Exchange Point in it allowing for CI and EPs 
to get IPv4 from those resources, if and only if they are supporting IPv6.

Another way to go could be to reserved a small pool for CI and EP 
long-term.  I believe the burn rate for CI and EP is pretty low, so a 
reserving something like a /16 for CI and EP would probably last a 
fairly long time, and might be prudent.

Currently there is a little less than the equivalent of /16 of IPv4 CI, 
and just over a the equivalent of /18 for EP space.


So if we reserved another /16 for CI and EP, that is close to double 
what is there now, I would hope that should last more than a little while.

But, I think I like the idea of allowing CI and EP out of a last /8 
transition block of 2010-13 best.  That way we could require that they 
are also doing IPv6, and by allowing it out of that block it might be 
able to have a smaller minimum allocation size too.  I believe the 
primary reason for the /24 minimum allocation size in CI and EP is /24 
route filtering, If we end up with a smaller minimum allocation size for 
the last /8 then a lot of CI could be done with a better address usage 

Or maybe we do both;

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