[arin-ppml] IPv6 Allocation Planning

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Wed Aug 11 16:45:34 EDT 2010

On Aug 11, 2010, at 11:41 AM, Owen DeLong wrote:

> On Aug 11, 2010, at 11:13 AM, Charles O'Hern wrote:
>> Owen DeLong wrote:
>>> On Aug 10, 2010, at 2:25 PM, Charles O'Hern wrote
>>> What if you properly gave them /48s? If a /40 works for you at /56, then,
>>> a /36 works for you at /48s.
>> I was simplifying a bit.  About a third of our customers are dynamic
>> 802.11 hotspot customers.  Since those are each single hosts, I can't
>> foresee allocating  more than a /64 per hotspot with each host getting a
>> single dynamic address.  But this perception could be based on a great
>> deal of ignorance of the future of these types of connections.  (maybe a
>> vlan per customer with each vlan using a /64, but the still only gets
>> its one host address.)
> Then you lack imagination. Why not give a /48 (or more) per hot spot
> and let the hotspots do DHCP-PD to devices that want to act as routers
> giving them /56s (if they need multiple nets) or /64s (if they only have
> one collection of devices behind them)?

It has been rightly pointed out to me that my statement above is
an inappropriate personal attack. While I did not intend to attack
Mr. O'Hern personally, but merely a pithy reply in opposition of
the idea of unnecessary user limitation, nonetheless, my words
actually did.

As such, they were inappropriate to this list and I apologize to
Mr. O'Hern and to the list in general.


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