[arin-ppml] IPv6 Allocation Planning

Charles O'Hern charles at office.tcsn.net
Wed Aug 11 14:13:53 EDT 2010

Owen DeLong wrote:
> On Aug 10, 2010, at 2:25 PM, Charles O'Hern wrote
> What if you properly gave them /48s? If a /40 works for you at /56, then,
> a /36 works for you at /48s.
I was simplifying a bit.  About a third of our customers are dynamic
802.11 hotspot customers.  Since those are each single hosts, I can't
foresee allocating  more than a /64 per hotspot with each host getting a
single dynamic address.  But this perception could be based on a great
deal of ignorance of the future of these types of connections.  (maybe a
vlan per customer with each vlan using a /64, but the still only gets
its one host address.)

For static connections to residences I'd need at most 2000 /48's.   A
/36 would be plenty.
>> Yes, as soon as either of our upstreams has it available, and if we are
>> still unable to obtain an ARIN allocation, we'll be requesting at least
>> two /48's.  The problem  then will be getting upstream A to advertise
>> and transport the traffic for destination addresses allocated to us from
>> upstream B, and visa versa.
> Yeah, that's ugly and best avoided. I think we can improve policy to
> make it possible for you to:
> 1.	Get /36s
> 2.	For others to get even larger blocks if they want them.
> 3.	To have ARIN round allocations up to nibble boundaries.
> That way we can make it easier for those that choose to to avoid
> disaggregation. Might not be the perfect solution, but, I think it is an
> improvement on the current situation.
> Owen
Yes, that would be great.  I'm hoping that ARIN does revise their fee

Frankly I don't care if we get a /36 or a /32.  I'd just like a IPv6
allocation of 'equivalent' size of our current IPv4 allocation, whatever
that equivalent size is, without increasing our fees.  Ideally I want to
be able to assign each end user a /48, have enough /48 networks
available in a continguous block for forseeable customer growth and
advertise one aggregate route to each of our upstream AS's.

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