[arin-ppml] Proposal 109 Petition

Aaron Wendel aaron at wholesaleinternet.net
Tue Aug 10 14:02:35 EDT 2010

This petition was started on the 23rd of July. The PDP process allows for 5
business days to voice support.  As far as I can tell those 5 days ended on
7/30.  Even allowing an extra day since it was late on the 23rd that puts
the end of the petition at 8/2.

I count 6 supportive posts to the list between 7/23 and 8/2.  Far below the
10 needed.

Has the policy changed that we leave this open indefinitely?  I notice that
116 was left open a couple extra days as well.

I dug through the archive since I seem to miss some of the mailings but
couldn't find anything killing this petition.  Is it being left open or did
someone drop the ball?


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