[arin-ppml] IPv6 Allocation Planning

Chris Engel cengel at sponsordirect.com
Tue Aug 10 12:05:50 EDT 2010

> The current "slow start" philosophy of keeping IPv6 addresses
> away from entrepreneurs, small businesses, individuals, etc,
> seems to have been highly effective.
> - It has kept IPv6 from being deployed in any sizable way
> until we now face the wall with the end of IPv4 allocations
> probably next year.
> - We now face a forced rollout of IPv6 without enough
> experience in it, especially in large scale IPv6 network
> operations and security.
> - We avoided fixing or replacing a conceptually broken
> protocol like BGP for twenty years.
> - And every day more IPv4 based apps have come online which
> inevitably increases the conversion costs for the end user.
> Excellent long range planning!
> Take care
> Terry

>From my perspective, I don't see that lack of adoption has very much to do with the inability to get address space. The cost/ability to get sufficient IPv6 address space is so far down the list of factors that weigh against deploying it that it doesn't even register on the scale.

It's the protocol itself, how different it is from the existing protocol and the lack of support for the tools I need to use on a daily basis that are major factors.

If the designers had just stuck 4 more octets on IPv4...kept everything else the same....and called it a day...we'd probably be done and not having this conversation by now......

At least from the end Enterprise end...can't really speak to how things look from the backbone/transit guys.

Christopher Engel

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