[arin-ppml] Set aside round deux

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Fri Aug 6 06:49:11 EDT 2010

> > If you are multihomed, you can get global unicast addresses directly
> from
> > your RIR and advertise them to your upstreams, just like multihoming
> is
> > supposed to work in IPv4. No NAT required, no super special secret
> > technology.
> Please Owen, you know what I'm talking about, not theoretical
> multihoming
> but the real world stuff, where internal clients have a single IP and a
> single default route that doesn't change, without localhost
> accommodations (ie., points of failure) of any kind.

This is just plain weird. You seem to be using "multihome" to mean something
other than BGP multihoming. 

In any case, the point is that IPv6 routing works just like IPv4 routing.

--Michael Dillon

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