[arin-ppml] Set aside round deux

Warren Johnson warren at wholesaleinternet.com
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There is always a price.  It's straight forward to calculate.  Supposing
that selling my IP allocations to another org puts me out of business, how
much would I make in the next 5 (you pick the time frame if you want) years
in my current business venture.  Add on to that number consideration for
market value, supply-and-demand etc and you wind up with a selling price.
The bigger question is whether that number will be too high for the buyer.

I am of the opinion that the Internet will continue to require v4 IP
addresses for a long time to come and anyone who wants to play in the big
game will have to acquire them somewhere.  It is not impossible to imagine a
relatively closed system that tremendously favors the incumbents until such
time as new technology completely supersedes the current one.  

I won't go into any more detail about my opinions because last time I did
that I got called a troll ;-).

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How about 3:

    The address market is a wild success for about 6 months until all of
    the IPv4 speculators and horders are tapped out, then it flops since
    nobody who is actually USING IPv4 wants to sell it at any price.
    Result is the need for addresses drives a strong self-generation
    movement and for another 4-5 years orgs get very creative about
    reallocating IPv4 addresses within their networks to squeeze out
    unused IPv4.
>>> There are far too many organizations running IPv6 for me to believe that
>>> it cannot be deployed.
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