[arin-ppml] IPv6 Update

Jim Fleming ipv6nog at gmail.com
Sun Aug 1 13:08:26 EDT 2010

IPv6 Update

1.IPv6 is operational, it plays an expanding role in Windows, especially

2. Microsoft's FREE domain name system built on the (rootless)
Peer-Name-Resolution-Protocol PNRP requires IPv6.

3. IPv6 is stable in Linux Kernels especially 2.6 now making their way into
$50 CPE devices.

4. DD-WRT with the Linux 2.6 Kernel runs on the Cisco/Linksys WRT160N CPE
WIFI routers [Version 3 hardware] Refurb units are common at $40. Cisco
still uses the 2.4 Kernel and provides all of the open source including
build environment.

5. Since IPv6 address space is massive, FREE allocations are readily
available. Prefix Uniqueness is derived from domain names at $7/year. ASNs
are also FREE.

6. Comcast and ISC have a joint venture field-trial with an open source IPv6
to IPv4 (network-based
proxy) arrangement. DNS is likely involved.

7. ISC has just announced more DNS plans and software. See

IPv6 is operational. IPv4 still has a massive amount
of space once audits are complete and clean-up
is done. Also, as people move to IPv6 that will free
up IPv4.

IPv6 is a separate network. It is one of many migration options from IPv4,
which will have extended addressing. Standards groups like the
Mobile IPTV people did not select IPv6 they opted
for a UDP-shim extension on IPv4.

IPv6 sales people have a hammer - everything looks like a nail...
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