[arin-ppml] x-small IPv4 ISPs going to IPv6

NOC at ChangeIP.com NOC at ChangeIP.com
Fri Apr 30 15:03:39 EDT 2010

> Both Level 3 and Cogent have a v6 offering.
> 2001:200::/32    7193    100      0 3356 2914 2500 i
> 2001:550::/32    7193    140      0 3356 174 i

Level3 cannot give us IPv6 in San Diego.  Not even tunnels.  We are told 
their 'beta' trial isn't open anymore.  We've been asking for 2 years now. 
We use 100+mbps on their network.

Cogent has finally given us native IPv6 here in San Diego, however, we can 
only reach about 1/3 of the IPv6 net using it since they don't peer with 
many people.  If we used Cogent assigned IPv6 only a few would be able to 
reach us.  We are forced to use the Tunnelbroker service to even get to 
ARINs website using IPv6.

IPv6 from an upstream is another problem / topic.


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