[arin-ppml] x-small IPv4 ISPs going to IPv6

NOC at ChangeIP.com NOC at ChangeIP.com
Fri Apr 30 13:21:53 EDT 2010

> x-small IPv4 providers as such,
> constitute about 1/4 of the total ARIN ISP constituency.

So 1/4 of the current IPv4 ARIN community will have to pay something to get 
IPv6... which will hinder IPv6 rollout in my opinion.  If we truly want 
people to transition now we need to make their initial small ipv6 allocation 
at no additional cost if they are already paying for x-small ipv4.

"6.4.3. Minimum Allocation
The minimum allocation size for IPv6 address space is /32."

which is $2,250/yr, more than the $1,250/yr that they are currently paying. 
The x-small ipv6 allocation on the fee schedule is misleading since you 
can't even get it.

Don't start with the $1,000/yr is nothing; its the cost of a PC for an 
employee argument... it all comes back to do you really want IPv6 rollout to 
succeed or not.  I personally am holding out on ISP v6 block because I don't 
want the extra cost.  I can't get anything from my upstreams (level3, 
cogent) because ipv6 isn't available thru them.


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