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Tony Hain alh-ietf at tndh.net
Mon Apr 26 16:40:43 EDT 2010

Here is the significant part of the text change I expect to put in the next

Replace intro paragraph 2 with:
In any case, the prefixes defined here are not expected to appear in the
routing system for the global Internet.  A frequent question is how this
prefix differs from a PI assignment. The simple answer is in expectation of
global public routability.  A PI assignment has the expectation that it
could appear in the global DFZ, where a ULA-C registration is expected to be
limited reach as service providers are free to, and expected to filter the
entire FC00::/7 prefix as bogon space.  The appropriate use of these
prefixes is within a single network administration, or between privately
interconnected networks that want to ensure that private communications do
not accidentally get routed over the public Internet as might happen with

Replace section 3.2 & 3.3 with:
Global IDs MUST be allocated under a single allocation and registration
authority.  The IAB SHOULD designate IANA as the registration authority. As
policies differ around the world, IANA SHOULD delegate to the RIRs in a
manner similar to the /12 approach used for the 2000::/3 prefix.  The RIRs
SHOULD establish registration policies which recognize that ULA-C prefixes
are not a threat to the global DFZ, and therefore easier to justify.
Organizations that don't want an ongoing relationship with the RIRs SHOULD
be directed to RFC 4193.

The requirements for ULA-C allocation and registrations are:

   - Globally Unique.
   - Available to anyone in an unbiased manner.
   - Available as a single prefix when justified to align subnet structures
with PA or PI.

Other clean up as necessary to align with this simplified text. The point is
to remove as much policy as possible from the IETF text, and leave that to
each region.

I believe this is closer to addressing the range of concerns raised, but as
always comments are welcome. I expect to update the I-D this week, and
discussion of that will occur on the 6man working group list.


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