[arin-ppml] IPv6 /32 minimum for extra-small ISP

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On Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 11:20, Davis, Terry L <terry.l.davis at boeing.com> wrote:
> Ted
> Agree!
> So we also don't get it into labs or just available on the dev networks for the apps folks to play with and learn.
> And even the startups are still not picking it up.  Of course like you pointed out, they are cash starved already.
> And if it were openly available, sure some of us would grab an address for home nets/labs.  Would that be bad too if it gets more folks exposed and playing with v6?

For home nets, PA space is readily available from tunnel brokers (such
as HE.net and SixXS).
For labs, ULA-R is likely suitable if PA space is not.
PA space is also available from a growing number of carriers natively
For ISPs who need addresses to hand out to customers, see Gary's
message regarding the current 50% waiver.

IOW - IPv6 *is* openly available.

My apologies for continuing an increasingly off-topic thread, I felt
compelled to correct the record.

> Take care
> Terry
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> Interesting how costs have been bandied about, a few days ago
> it was $2250 now it's $1250.
> Please tell me the name of an employer where any employee who
> is NOT a salesman can go to his or her boss and say "Can I go spend a
> thousand bucks on something that has no justification for existence
> other than we might need it sometime in the future?"
> Ted
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