[arin-ppml] Regarding draft policy 2010-3

Daved Daly daved at lightwave.net
Sun Apr 18 01:58:51 EDT 2010

I support the policy for reassignments.  I do not support the policy
for reallocations.

I do take issue with some of the wording of the policy.
"ISPs may choose to enter the customer's name along with the ISP's
address and phone number in reassignments and reallocations in lieu of
the customer's address and phone number."

The customer's phone number is not necessarily information that is
gathered or provided in the reassignment process. The only reason
phone number information would be published is if the ISP has chosen
to use a detailed reassignment template.  In general (afaik) the main
reason the ISP would likely do that would be at the direction of the
customer (because the customer likely has their own support/networking
agents who wish to be in the loop about potential issues).  So, the
wording of the policy seems to makes people believe they will be
losing access to the phone number of every customer's reassignment,
when they likely don't have it to begin with.

I do believe there is importance in providing valid contact
information for network operators.  That is why I do not support the
policy for reallocations.

-Daved Daly

On Sat, Apr 17, 2010 at 9:05 PM, Kenneth Odem
<kenneth.odem at virpusnetworks.net> wrote:
> In response to draft policy 2010-3, I agree that customer information of
> ISP's needs to be protected by the ISP, and not published to the public; not
> only for privacy reasons of said company's customers, but also to run an
> effective business model which does not involve giving a
> competitor knowledge of who your customers are, and their contact
> information.
> This is needed to avoid solicitations, which it has been shown that
> competitors can and do use information available to the public to solicit to
> said company's customers.
> I stand by draft policy 2010-3 and hope that it takes effect immediately.
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