[arin-ppml] The role of NAT in IPv6

Gams, Matthew D Matthew.Gams at chartercom.com
Thu Apr 15 10:27:43 EDT 2010

I don't understand why everyone wants to go IPv6 with global addressing everywhere. And the solution to renumbering is getting organizations with their own blocks which will slowly make the routing tables just as ugly as IPv4????

I would say NAT66 with Site-local "private" addressing on the inside.

On the networks I've ran, I would never want to worry about renumbering just because of an ISP change and I am not thinking that GUA is the way to go.

Keep the internal network internal and only change your outside numberings when you need along with static NAT/NAT pools.

Am I missing something???

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Owen Delong wrote:

> Actually, the places that most need to deploy IPv6 at this
> point being eye-ball ISPs and the public-facing portions of
> content and services providers, I don't think that NAT has
> been an actual barrier to adoption in either of those spaces.
> The vast majority of people calling for NAT66 are the
> enterprise interior, which is, IMHO, the least critical and
> least likely group to get on the IPv6 bandwagon quickly
> regardless of what is done to appease them.

Well, in addition to being an Enterprise...my company is also an ASP.... which I believe would qualify as a "content and services provider" under your definition.

So lets see, if I want to deploy IPv6 currently....

 - Huge transition costs

 - No support for tools I rely on every day to make MY environment work the way I want it.

 - Out of compliance with current regulatory standards.

Gee Whiz... where do I get to sign up for that?

Christopher Engel

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