[arin-ppml] IPv6 /32 minimum for extra-small ISP

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Wed Apr 14 18:17:29 EDT 2010

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> There two are somewhat interrelated. If ARIN offered smaller
> allocations, that would affect the goal of massive aggregation (and
> impact routing slots).

Yes, obviously. That is why we got into a discussion of the tradeoff. 

> If they offered the same allocation (/32) at a discounted price for
> ISPs who would have previously paid a lesser amount, the guys who actually
> need /32's would argue for the same price and obviously have a
> significant impact on ARIN's operating budget. Since ISPs are the only
> ones affected by this, and in the grand scheme of things the cost of IP
> space is but a tiny fraction of the vast majority of most ISP's ongoing
> costs (we're talking about $2250, or the cost of a *one* CPE router,
> per year), I'm inclined to say let the policy stand as it is.

What's wrong with offering the smaller ISP something smaller than a /32 at a lower price? 

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