[arin-ppml] IPv6 /32 minimum for extra-small ISP

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No, Milton, It's not amazing, it's just what we do.  If we didn't, you'd be leaving your rants on well-worn cassette tapes in answering machines on the ends of analog pots lines instead of all over our nice clean Internet. There are, in fact, people on this list who are quite good at their jobs, and the fact of the matter is that they were quite good at their jobs long before you started asking them basic questions that you could have found the answers to if you had half the academic curiosity that motivated all of them as teenagers, when they asked the same questions. 

These revelations you keep having do not constitute brilliant academic insights.  You are merely receiving, and generally failing to comprehend the import of, the answers to _very_ basic questions. 

You're not a clever economic anthropologist studying the inscrutable ritual practices of a naïve tribe of autistic engineers.  You are instead skimming the surface of a very complex and delicately architected economic, technical, and logical system, designed, built, and rebuilt-while-under-exponential-acceleration by people much smarter, more thoughtful, more introspective, and better-connected than yourself.  

And you're wasting their time. 

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> and remember, its not the number of routes per se, it's the cost of
> memory due to churn in routing announcements that is the cost you are
> talking about.

Thanks, now we are getting even more specific. Good. Details matter.

Churn probably has a completely different cost structure than simple "addition" of routes/memory consumption.

Amazing how we've gone from a categorical statement to an incredibly nuanced and conditional one, isn't it?

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