[arin-ppml] IPv6 /32 minimum for extra-small ISP

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> > and remember, its not the number of routes per se, it's the cost of
> > memory due to churn in routing announcements that is the cost you
> > talking about.
> Thanks, now we are getting even more specific. Good. Details matter.
> Churn probably has a completely different cost structure than simple
> "addition" of routes/memory consumption.
> Amazing how we've gone from a categorical statement to an incredibly
> nuanced and conditional one, isn't it?
To what end?  What The people who have full tables are well aware of the
costs associated with a routing slot.  And, it's not just churn, it's
the actual routes in your RIB, then the FIB, plus the churn.  You have
memory and processor requirements that increase with each new route
added to the DFZ.

You seem to have a hypothesis hiding somewhere behind the Socratic
questioning.  What is it you want everyone to see?


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