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Mondo-megacorp will trivially have enough gua space to address it's extranet and the cost of aquiring space is negible compared to cost of deploying anything inside mondo-megacorp.


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>> A question: how many of your connections are with organizations that
>> did
>> not, when they first numbered their network, even know that they were
>> going to connect with you?
>Let me provide something of a plausible example.  You have Mondo
>Megacorp who provides some service worldwide.  One aspect of their
>service is actually provided by a third party (Littlefish, Inc.) but
>branded as a service of Mondo Megacorp.  There is some integration of
>the billing that needs to happen because Littlefish, Inc. needs to be
>able to turn on and off service to Modo Megacorp's customers and to bill
>Mondo for services rendered.
>Neither company has their financial backend systems in publically routed
>network space but they need to talk to each other.  Littlefish provides
>service to a lot of bigger fish and has a lot of private connectivity to
>specific systems it needs communications with at these partners that are
>on private networks.
>If they are all in "private" space that is also unique, they never have
>to worry about address space collisions when they interface with each
>other on the backend.
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