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    >> > The real value of ULA-C (IMO)
    >> > is the understanding that it's not supposed to be globally
    >> > routed. Yes, that's enforced by convention only...but that's
    >> > no different then pretty much anything else on the internet.
    >> Actually, ULA-C *IS* designed to be globally routed. But only
    >> on private internetworks, not on the public Internet.

    George> We are an operation that has a lot of private
    George> interconnectivity with other networks that does not go over
    George> the Internet.  RFC-1918 collision has been a major issue and
    George> forces the use of GUA when connecting with partner networks.
    George> This causes a "burn" of address space that is not even
    George> publically reachable. 

A question: how many of your connections are with organizations that did
not, when they first numbered their network, even know that they were
going to connect with you?

I ask because, while you say:

    George> not have to worry about collisions in address space and
    George> would probably be worth the expense for us provided it was
    George> for our partners as well. 

that it's worth the money, that's only with the knowledge that you'd be
What if you did not know, a-priori, that you were going to connect?
How cheap would ULA-C have to be to just "get some" regardless, vs how
much expense do you think renumbering is?

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