[arin-ppml] ULA-C

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> > The real value of ULA-C (IMO)
> > is the understanding that it's not supposed to be globally
> > routed. Yes, that's enforced by convention only...but that's
> > no different then pretty much anything else on the internet.
> Actually, ULA-C *IS* designed to be globally routed. But only
> on private internetworks, not on the public Internet.

We are an operation that has a lot of private interconnectivity with
other networks that does not go over the Internet.  RFC-1918 collision
has been a major issue and forces the use of GUA when connecting with
partner networks.  This causes a "burn" of address space that is not
even publically reachable.

The notion of having ULA that are allocated from some central registry
is appealing for purposes of private interconnections where one would
not have to worry about collisions in address space and would probably
be worth the expense for us provided it was for our partners as well.


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