[arin-ppml] Comments on Draft Policy 2010-3: Customer Confidentiality

Hannigan, Martin marty at akamai.com
Wed Apr 7 15:07:54 EDT 2010

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>> I completely understand what your stance is on this and why you feel
>> this way, as seemingly we have a similar type of client base. However,
>> you, like I, are the ones who *will* properly fix a problem when
>> required. I'm concerned about the ones who will use this as a loophole
>> to avoid that.
> Indeed.  IMHO, most of those who will take advantage of this policy will
> do so for business reasons (e.g. hiding their customer lists from
> competitors) rather than technical ones.

Which technically isn't exactly going to work. It is 2010 after all.


This output is enough for geoLoc, something more reliable than WHOIS, to
provide an ip->domain name->contact information mapping at a cost that is
similar. There are a variety of companies involved in providing these
services and they are designed around electronic advertising, fraud
prevention, fraud detection and correlating consumer demographics. Fortune
500's and small business all have access to the tools necessary to do this
for short change.

IMHO, the only domain names that would _not_ be easily translated into a
reachable human being by geoLoc databases are the ones who deliberately
leave no trace and do not want to be reached. As others have noted, it is
likely that the majority are nefarious in nature.

Not in favor of 2010-3. Competition is supposed to be about improvement.
This is self-destructive as noted by many. The ROI is negative as a result,
the rationale isn't about privacy and the proposal doesn't take us even a
small step towards accomplishing any goal related to privacy.

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[cj, thanks for pointing out that I blurred [109 <<<o_0>>>> 2010-3]. I
didn't realize it as I was trying to figure out what was up with this issue
and the large volume of postings ]

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