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>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin Kargel <kkargel at polartel.com> writes:
    >> Sure.  Show me again, where the 20-person operation that have a
    >> cable connection, and a DSL connection (and thus two sets of
    >> GUA-PA), get this GUA-PI that they need to have stable addresses
    >> internally?  Said company has two different types of connections
    >> because neither is reliable enough.
    >> ULA-C is not about ISPs. It's about SME.

    Kevin> So you are telling me that as an ISP I will need to make
    Kevin> special routes for each and every DSL customer that has two
    Kevin> xSL connections?

    Kevin> Why doesn't that customer just get his own GUA if this is so
    Kevin> important to his business?

If you follow Owen's advice: yes.

If ARIN can get it's head around giving out non-routable address space
for intranet use,  and having customers use multiple PA addresses on
their desktops, then the answer is no.

Either shim6 will get completed and deployed, or there will be NAT66.
(As an ISP, btw, you won't be able to tell the difference.  As someone
who does support into the enterprise from remote,  usually working with
ISPs that can't spell ARIN, I sure know which I am rooting for)

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