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Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Thu Apr 1 21:04:45 EDT 2010

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>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin Kargel <kkargel at polartel.com> writes:
    >> I believe what ever the policy is it should be the same as for PI
    >> assignments.
    >> A fundamental tenant of the consensus that I think is developing
    >> is if the policy for PI and ULA-C are essentially the same, then
    >> ULA-C can be implemented without much risk of abuse.  If ULA-C is
    >> easier to get or maintain, or even if it is only perceived as
    >> such, there is a risk of abuse.
    Kevin> I will buy in to that.

    Kevin> On a global level I can see that if many people want ULA-C I
    Kevin> guess it won't hurt anything so long as it doesn't start
    Kevin> finding it's way to the global routing table.  Even if it
    Kevin> shows up in local peer routing tables it is pretty benign.

    Kevin> The danger I see with ULA peer relationships is that if I
    Kevin> advertise my ULA-* to a peer for private uses I have no
    Kevin> control over my peers BGP policies and they may through
    Kevin> design or neglect advertise my ULA to their peers, which
    Kevin> would/could pollute the global table.  This could get *me* in
    Kevin> trouble through no fault of my own.

So, that's why we need ULA-C, rather than "tainted GUA".

The ULA-C will *not* leak into the global routing table, because there
will be lots and lots of filters that reject it.

    Kevin> On a local (personal)level I just don't see the need for
    Kevin> dedicated ULA pools when anyone can roll their own ULA-* out
    Kevin> of their GUA.

Sure.  Show me again, where the 20-person operation that have a cable
connection, and a DSL connection (and thus two sets of GUA-PA), get this
GUA-PI that they need to have stable addresses internally?
Said company has two different types of connections because neither is
reliable enough.

ULA-C is not about ISPs. It's about SME.

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