[arin-ppml] ULA-C

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Thu Apr 1 12:41:36 EDT 2010

Kevin Kargel wrote:
>>> I concur that renewal is necessary, though renewal requirements do not
>> necessarily need to include money, data refresh could be sufficient.
>>> Kevin
>> I disagree. Without fees, data-refresh is often responded to out of rote
>> without thought or consideration.
>> Owen
> In this instance I think rote would be sufficient.  The main objective being a live person ping to test that the organization is live and present.  To my understanding the thing we want to make sure of is that the network has not been abandoned.  

I believe what ever the policy is it should be the same as for PI 

A fundamental tenant of the consensus that I think is developing is if 
the policy for PI and ULA-C are essentially the same, then ULA-C can be 
implemented without much risk of abuse.  If ULA-C is easier to get or 
maintain, or even if it is only perceived as such, there is a risk of 

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