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Durand, Alain alain_durand at cable.comcast.com
Thu Apr 1 11:09:47 EDT 2010

The IPv4 parallel to draw is not with RFC1918 (it is meaningless to
advertize net10 because it is not unique), but with long prefixes in IPv4.
How many /24s in your routing table? Or longer?

   - Alain.

On 4/1/10 9:58 AM, "michael.dillon at bt.com" <michael.dillon at bt.com> wrote:

>> To answer Fred's point bellow, the issue is that nothing
>> prevents those ULAs to be routed on the Internet.
> Filters and ACLs prevent those ULA addresses from being routed
> to the Internet, but these are technical measures and they
> can be misconfigured, as they often are in the case of
> RFC 1918 addresses. ULA-C offers us the opportunity to record
> the registrant of each block in a central directory and when
> someone encounters packets with ULA-C addresses, they can
> find out where they are coming from and more easily get the
> problem fixed.
>> It is 
>> essentially a matter of how much an organization is willing
>> to pay its service provider to announce the prefix.
> Show me some evidence. You can black out the supplier's name
> and the amount, but I want to see a copy of a signed contract
> from any ISP, anywhere, that has agreed to announce an RFC 1918
> prefix. Without such evidence, I simply do not believe that
> what you say is possible.
> -- Michael Dillon
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