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Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Thu Apr 1 09:41:19 EDT 2010

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>>>>> "Fred" == Fred Baker <fred at cisco.com> writes:
    Fred> well, question. Do you need whois and all that for a local
    Fred> address? We don't use them for RFC 1918 addresses...

Whois and reverse DNS is the major reason, in my opinion, for ULA-C.
If ULA-C hasn't got that, then it's just ULA-R with a much lower
probability of non-collision.

Why is whois and reverse DNS useful? 

Whois, because it lets you identify who is leaking.
Reverse DNS because it means that organizations do not need to concern
themselves so much with split-DNS.   Without reverse DNS, IPv6 is really
hard to cope with in my experience.

Split-DNS was easy when enterprises were completely convex, but thanks
to our success, IP is everywhere, and many devices are "inside" some of
the time.

    Fred> On the other hand, I could imagine an allocation "policy" that
    Fred> consists of a web page (not my idea originally, it comes from
    Fred> Brian Carpenter). The web page has some variation on a
    Fred> counter, perhaps using a pseudo-random number generator or a
    Fred> cyclic feedback shift register to spread the numbers all
    Fred> over. When a site accesses the web page, they get a prefix,
    Fred> and the next person that accesses the web page gets the "next"
    Fred> prefix. Next question is who runs the web page; could be IANA,
    Fred> your favorite RIR, or anyone else the community deemed
    Fred> suitable. Along with that, I could imagine the person
    Fred> allocating the prefix having to provide some information, and
    Fred> some checks and balances to limit the probability of
    Fred> issues. The checks and balances would require discussion. They
    Fred> might include a name, address, and email address.

Yes, we can do this.
It has already been done for ULA-R by sixxs:

If IANA were to delegate the reverse to sixxs, well, we'd be pretty much
done, as far as I'm concerned.

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