[arin-ppml] FW: ULA-C

Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
Mon Apr 12 12:49:01 EDT 2010

ERK!  Monday morning math correction..  Sorry all..  I meant sixteen bits but typed eight.

I am in the camp where I do not see any real added value to ULA, but at the same time it won't hurt to provide ULA so if people want it why not.

If we really wanted to swing to the other side of the pendulum, and there is plenty of good space, then perhaps what we should do is to just automatically include a corresponding ULA allocation with each and every GUA allocation..  

It would simplify recordkeeping if the ULA pool were the same size as the GUA pool, so a mirror allocation could be made.  Then there would only need be one registration and database entry for each GUA/ULA pair assigned.

An alternate idea would be to shift the GUA address right SIXTEEN (not eight) bits.  For example if I were allocated GUA of 2610:188::0/32 then I could be allocated ULA at fc00:2610:188::0/48 automatically.  Again it would be such a simple repeatable pattern there would only need be one registration and could be done at no additional cost.  


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