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Lee Howard spiffnolee at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 11 11:56:36 EDT 2009

It's time to register for ARIN XXIV!

Why should you attend?   What should you expect?  
This is an excerpt from my original post,

As you've seen, many of the members of the Advisory Council are
active on PPML.  All of them read it.  So every post affects their thinking.
Usually, a small subcommittee of 2-3 AC members will shepherd a 
proposal through the process, making edits based on comments, until
the AC believes it has reached a stable state.   Then the AC votes on the
proposal, and if passed it becomes a Draft Policy.
Policy Development Process: https://www.arin.net/policy/pdp.html
Handy flowchart: https://www.arin.net/policy/pdp_appendix_a.pdf

The Draft Policy is the text that goes to the public policy meetings.  
Alternating with other informative presentations, every
Draft is presented to the people present (including remote participants),
beginning with a history of the proposal, including a summary of the 
debate so far.  For instance, for proposal 2009-4 presented in San
Antonio, we learned that 18 people had made 58 posts, of whom 
3 were in favor, and 4 were against it (the rest apparently weren't
clear about their positions).  Three sample statements were presented 
to show some of the debate to date.

After that 2-minute presentation, someone will present the text of the
proposal, to remind everyone what we're discussing.  They might show
some slides to provide context, to explain the problem.  Then the floor
is open for discussion, and people walk up to microphones.   The Chair
indicates who is next in line to speak, and people say their piece.  Other
people get up to respond.  It's sometimes passionate, but always

To describe the scene, there are rows of tables where people can plug
in their laptops.  There are two large screens for projecting slides.  Some
subset of Board and AC site facing the participants from a dais/rostrum, 
so you can see who they are.  The presenter stands at a podium/lectern
with a mike so you can hear them.  There are rows between tables, with
six microphones on stands, so everyone can get to a mike fairly easily.
Watch two minutes of the webcast of a recent meeting to get the idea:

There's usually a show of hands to get a sense of the room.  The AC
meets after the meeting, and discusses each Draft Policy.  Staff provides
every AC member with a summary similar to what was presented at 
the meeting, but including hand count.  If there's a discrepancy between
support on the mailing list and support in the room, there's a long 
debate; this is rare.  The AC then votes, and if approved, it
goes to Last Call on PPML to see if we missed anything.  Then the 
Board looks at it, makes a final determination that the policy poses no
risk to the organization, and adopts it (or sends it back to the AC for

Detailed notes, transcripts, presentation slides, and even video of the
last meeting are available from here: 

I hope that gives everyone a sense of how PPML matters, and why
meeting participation matters, too.  Also, the meetings are fun, with 
great conversation at breaks and meals, and a great social event.  
People are approachable, but you often don't need to approach 
anyone--if you say something at the mike, or if you've been active on 
the list, people will seek you out.  You're very likely to find an AC
member, Board member, and staff member at your lunch table.

What does it cost?  Everything is detailed at 
You have to arrange your own travel to Dearborn, MI.  Detroit is a
pretty cheap destination from many parts of the region.  If you're
already going to NANOG, you can just extend your stay to Friday
afternoon (or the other way around--if you're coming to ARIN, consider
coming early to participate in NANOG).  Cab fare is $31 each way, 
to/from DTW/Hyatt Regency.  The ARIN rate is $159 per night, but there 
are cheaper hotels within walking distance.  Registration depends on 
whether you're a Designated Member Representative.  Most meals are 
included: Tuesday night pizza and beer with NANOG, breakfast and lunch 
Wednesday (no dinner), breakfast lunch and heavy hors d'oevres 
Thursday, and breakfast Friday.  There are also Fellowship 
(application deadline has passed) and Scholarship opportunities if 
cost is still a barrier. 

In case you missed it, here's the link one more time to register:

Disclaimer:  everything I've said here is an approximation of the
Truth found at ARIN's website.

I hope everyone who participates on the mailing list will come
to the meeting.  And I hope to meet you there!



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