[arin-ppml] Policy Change Request: IP Address Assignment to Educational and Non-Commercial Organizations

Seth Mattinen sethm at rollernet.us
Sat Nov 28 15:04:07 EST 2009

Christopher Mettin wrote:
> To the American Regional IP Network Community,
> Don't you think that current ARIN fees exceeds the true value of IP
> addresses? Actually, they are just numbers, and ARIN is in charge by IANA to
> assign these IP's to people in all North America. For commercial companies
> with revenues of several Million Dollars a year these IP address blocks ARIN
> assigns are affordable. But smaller non-commercial organizations and even
> schools cannot pay for them.
> Especially for high schools, colleges, and smaller universities such prices
> can mean a harm to their classroom project, thus they mean a harm to
> education.
> ARIN should change their policies to waive the fees for educational
> institutions and non-commercial organizations.

What exactly makes you think you need to pay ARIN to get on the internet?


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