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RudOlph Daniel rudi.daniel at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 19:55:45 EST 2009

The first ICANN meet I went to was in San Juan.
One evening I sat at the bar of the hotel over a glass of wine collecting my
thoughts about the day's proceedings when up walks a man with blond hair who
introduces himself to me.In the conversation that resulted he turned out to
be someone who had been around ICANN from  its inception. To cut a long
story short, he offered me a little advice about the business of the
Internet, but what what was particularity significant in his remarks was
this: "When there is money on the table, *all* the rules change."

Arin arguably has the most unused v4 space under the "return policy" and
knowledge of that  would seem to already have created a market ( IMO )
acting against widespread adoption of v6. The Caribbean is a small outpost
of ARIN and we are, I would suggest, way behind with regards to
understanding the real challenges of run out and transition to v6.

What I am suggesting here is that the network and its policies is not yet
mature/homogeneous enough to provide a safety net for developing economies
like the Caribbean in the face of the majority of this RIR with its far
superior knowledge and experience, but yet not able to foresee the future
black market shenanigans of a creative first world business professional
class leveraging the scarcity value of a resource for considerable profit.
The possible result is that we, who can scarcely afford it, will end up
paying through our noses with high connectivity charges and
never realizing the potential so eloquently promised... "ICT 4 development"

Policy ok, but lets be realistic, implementation includes policing and
providing the right incentives to drive that policy home to the community in
the interests of ALL the community.

I am beginning to think that the Caribbean portion of ARIN is so far removed
from what exists in North America and Canada that we should petition for a
sub regional RIR. Food for thought.

Rudi Daniel

> > Wasn't there a policy to encourage return of resources? I don't
> > remember. ARIN would have to find these orgs who are renting their
> > space out to brokers and revoke it somehow to put a stop to it.
> >
> I strongly encourage ANYONE who encounters such an arrangement to report
> it to ARIN.  Organizations who are leasing their space in this manner
> could
> well be subject to a review under section 12 of the NRPM.
> ARIN can't resolve what it does not know about.
> This should be done through:
> https://www.arin.net/resources/fraud/
> By submitting a report at:
> https://www.arin.net/public/fraud/index.xhtml
> Be as specific as possible, and, try to identify the organization and
> the IP addresses in question.
> Owen
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