[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Open Access To IPv6

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Sun May 31 21:06:04 EDT 2009

bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com wrote:
> On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 02:42:44PM -0700, Garry Dolley wrote:
>> On May 30, 2009, at 2:30 PM, bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com wrote:
>>> On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 02:22:53PM -0700, Garry Dolley wrote:
>>>> If uniqueness, and not connectivity, is the concern, look into ULAs
>>>> [1].
>>>> You can use them now, without ever contacting ARIN, or any IRR.
>>>> 1. RFC 4193, "Unique Local IPv6 Unicast Addresses"
>>>>  http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4193
>>>   sorry - ULA does not assure uniqueness. only that
>>>   statistical probability.
>> Correct, but given the use cases mentioned, statistically probable  
>> uniqueness is sufficient.
> 	Not for me.  

If RFC 4193 does not provide sufficient uniqueness for your needs, you
should be able to get a /48 from ARIN under NRPM 6.5.8, passed several
years ago.  There is no requirement for connectedness per NRPM 4.3.5.

If the org doesn't qualify for a /48 per NRPM 4.3.2 (as required by, I have a serious problem with letting them call themselves
an ISP/LIR and getting 65,536 times the address space.


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