[arin-ppml] A modest proposal for IPv6 address allocations

Joe Maimon jmaimon at chl.com
Sun May 31 20:49:25 EDT 2009

Paul Vixie wrote:

>> If they were only allowed to get a /48 to begin with, they couldn't
>> assign any further /48's.
> Not everything that IETF has written about address allocation has worked
> out in practice.  (For example, classful addressing, or experimental or
> multicast addressing.)  It's reasonable for the RIR's to evaluate the
> "ground truth" when composing our allocation policies, even though it's
> also quite important to read everything the IETF has to say on the topic.

As far as I can see internal assignation policy hinges on utilization 
density justification. If it is per /64, then you should only assign 
that. If it is /48, assigning less is just going to make it harder than 
it would otherwise be to get your /32 expanded to /(32-x)

In other words, if saying that I have 30k customers in my /32 and I am 
at 50% utilization passes the smell test, then it is in my best 
interests to do so modulo block fees.

Speaking of fees, according to current fee schedule, /48 per customer is 
   $0.034 for the small guy (at %100 utilization of /32), $0.0005 for 
the XXlarge assuming /22.

68x between /32 and /22, which is about the same for ipv4 between /21 
and /11.

Of course, right now it seems that v6 cant be given away fast enough, 
except to people who really want to use it. The latter needs to be fixed.


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