[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Open Access To IPv6

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Fri May 29 18:07:33 EDT 2009

I want to reinforce Leo's point this policy effects the LIR/ISP 
allocations within the NRPM.  The title of this proposal is 
slightly unfortunate as it doesn't include that bit of information.

Within the Advisory Council, I am working on the companion 
part of this that would deal with direct End User assignments 
from ARIN, and dis-associate the dependence of having an 
IPv4 assignment from ARIN with the IPv6 assignment policy.

We need a new stewardship model for IPv6.  In IPv4 we have 
had a manage limited resources version of stewardship.  Only 
give out a little bit at a time, and make you justify more. 

We should use the IPv4 stewardship model for IPv6,  So I want 
to the ask a more general question; "What is the right 
stewardship model for IPv6?"  Does the same model work for 
ISP/LIRs and End Users?

I will redouble my efforts this weekend and get a proposal out 
for the IPv6 End User section of the NRPM early next week.  

But, I must have some time to play with the new MacBook Pro 
my desktop/laptop support guy just dropped off in my cube 10 
minutes ago.  

WOO HOO! :-)

On 29 May 2009 Chris Malayter wrote:

> This mentality will only serve to slow ipv6 adoption in application
> and content.  The easier we make it for non-isps to get portable
> space, the more development will occur.  Basic supply and demand
> theory in action here....
> -Chris
> > 
> > 
> > Simple.  Developer calls ISP and asks for IPv6.  ISP says not right
> > now. Developer gives ISP reasonable amount of time to get IPv6.  ISP
> > does not.  Developer calls ISP and cancels service and tells them
> > they are cancelling because they are going down the street to a
> > different ISP that IS supplying IPv6.
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