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Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Fri May 29 10:45:42 EDT 2009

> I'd be surprised if an organisation with such a large 
> assignment could achieve this renumbering in much less
> than 2 years. The transfer market won't be in existence
> long enough for them to actually sell these addresses 
> unless they take a risk and start renumbering today.
> But when you balance the risks/rewards of renumbering
> to free up and sell an address block, versus deploying
> IPv6, it seems to me that the IPv6 effort wins out.
> In an era where every ISP has taken on the extra work
> involved in preparing for the IPv6 internet, and where
> budget is tight due to the overall economy, I don't see
> how anyone could justify a business case to sell IP addresses.
> Fact is that the IPv6 Internet will be upon us in about
> two years, and we expect the economy to be improving in
> about the same timescale. If a company is ready with
> IPv6 services in two years time, they could ride the wave,
> but if they have wasted that time in freeing up IP
> addresses, then they can only make one sale, and that's
> the end of it. Bad decision.

You could be right. You could be wrong. A transfer market allows for both possibilities. 

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