[arin-ppml] 2009-1 comment

Paul Vixie vixie at isc.org
Wed May 27 16:49:23 EDT 2009

these two messages bring up an important question.

kkargel at polartel.com ("Kevin Kargel") writes:

> My problem is the outright sale of space to a designated party without
> transfer of network assets and without making the space available to the
> community at large as is allowed in 8.3.  This creates an enormous
> potential for unfair practice giving the large players a huge advantage.

jay at impulse.net (Jay Hennigan) writes:

> I am opposed to this proposal as written.  I would support it if section
> 8.3 were stricken in its entirety.

is everyone fully aware that a version of this same policy has already been
approved (2008-6) and stands to go into effect on june 1, and that what's
being discussed here is a cleaned up version (2009-1)?

that means, opposition to 2009-1's proposed 8.3 in ignorance of 2008-6's
effective 8.3 won't help any cause.  to stop address space transfers from
taking place apart from acquisitions, would require a new transfer policy
that undid the effect of 2008-6.  2009-1 will not be *that* policy.
Paul Vixie

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